Hometeam Properties


With over 180 rental properties for students and market-rate renters, Columbus-based Hometeam Properties has one of the largest selections of single-family homes for rent in The Ohio State University district.

Outside the campus area, they also own and manage multiple single-family homes around the Columbus area, including in German Village, Whitehall and Reynoldsburg.

The Challenge

Following changes in policy by The Ohio State University that now mandate a 2-year campus housing minimum for students, management at Hometeam Properties wanted to maintain their current status as the leading off-campus housing provider for OSU students

The University Housing Regulation and University Housing occupancy requirement requires that all unmarried undergraduate students who are regularly admitted and in full-time attendance must live in university residence halls while enrolled at The Ohio State University, Columbus or ATI campus.

This changed the rental landscape for Hometeam Properties, as there was now a large gap in the number of students looking for off-campus housing. For the first time in company history, the company was showing multiple vacancies across their rental property footprint in and around campus.


How We Helped

In order to help Hometeam Properties adjust to their new landscape, we developed an actionable and comprehensive inbound marketing and sales strategy. This started with a full implementation and onboarding of HubSpot’s Professional marketing automation and sales system

To make sure this implementation was successful, we gathered Hometeam’s team for a kick-off session that would teach them the key fundamentals of inbound marketing and how they could use the tools to create a strong strategy.

In order to keep them informed, we provide ongoing strategic guidance, coaching, and education to the members of Hometeam’s internal staff. This helps them to effectively execute the inbound marketing and sales methodology in a way that will help them continue to reach their sales goals.

The Website Solution

With their marketing and sales strategies in place, Hometeam underwent a full website redesign and migrated their website to HubSpot COS

After the site was migrated to HubSpot’s COS, we went to work fully developing and optimizing more than 180 landing pages for the properties that they had. We also migrated multiple luxury property microsites for non-student housing options into the main website and HubSpot COS

To maintain the site, we create and test web design hypotheses every month. By using tools like HotJar, we are able to see how users interact with the site and make changes accordingly.

The Content Solution

Content activation was another key part of Hometeam’s process and journey to becoming a trusted name for off-campus housing. In order to do this, we worked with them to create and deploy up to two unique, persona-centric premium content offers annually. This included things like a budgeting calculator for students and a personality quiz to determine which local neighborhood tenants should live in.

The Sales Solution

To full utilize HubSpot Sales Pro, we trained Hometeam’s leasing agents on how to use the deals pipeline for full transparency and tracking of any leads and closed leasers. This included the set-up of a custom deals pipeline that fit exactly what Hometeam needed for their internal sales team, along with utilizing various other sales tools like email sequences and templated responses.

The Advertising Solution

Another key part of Hometeam Properties’ digital process is executing a consistent Facebook Advertising strategy. In 2017, we helped Hometeam deploy 14 Facebook campaigns that utilized various audience targeting strategies as well as A/B split testing.

The Results

By the end of 2017, Hometeam Properties increased the sessions and page views on their website by more than 600% YOY. They have alos seen significant increases in overall site interaction numbers

Traffic has continued to climb and by the end of 2018, will have increased 97.75% with 46.1% of that traffic coming from organic search

Additional Successes

  • Since its launch in September of 2016, Hometeam’s website has generated more than 589,000 page views.

  • Hometeam is currently indexed for 114 keywords on page 1 of Google search results, which have brought in over 3,550 new contacts and 144 customers from organic search.

  • With the use of HubSpot technology, Hometeam’s sales team has moved away from manually tracking sales on spreadsheets to fully adopting HubSpot CRM to nurture MQL’s to closed tenants with full pipeline visibilty

  • In the 2016-2017 leasing period, Hometeam had 100% of their properties filled and had no vacancies.

  • Through training within HubSpot, Hometeam now utilizes a keyword strategy and regularly produces blog content that caters not only to students, but their parents, as well as market-rate renters.

  • Hometeam has executed a steady advertising strategy and has generated over 340 leads from Facebook advertising alone