TWIRT: Best of Mobile Ordering

This Week in Restaurant Technologies is taking a break for a recap of the top mobile ordering episodes. We’ve handpicked these as the best of the best- do you agree with our choices?mobile ordering

1. #015: Depersonalizing the Dining Experience

Episode #015 brought us news on having a tablet as your waiter, and the latest from Panera’s tech overhaul including their mobile ordering developments.

2. #008: Mobile Ordering and Payment

Ordering your next meal from Twitter? Sounds strange, but that what we focused on in episode #008. We also discuss other trends in mobile ordering including Square and Bitcoin.

3. #007: Your Restaurant in the Mobile World

Episode #007 was all about how your restaurant can make an impact in the mobile world. Worried about getting lost in the swirl of restaurant tech? Don’t worry- episode #007 can help.

These were our three favorite TWIRT episodes on mobile ordering. Did we miss any you particuarly enjoyed? Let us know!

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