What Did Neymar Jr. Do With the Panasonic 4K Camera?

Panasonic 4K Neymar | NRM

Wearable technology has been a hot topic for many months, and Google Glass has dominated the conversations. The adoption of Glass or 4K technology has yet to take hold among consumers, but both are steadily growing. Now, using a World Cup superstar to pioneer its uses, Panasonic is tapping into the market. Let’s take a […]

How Will Wearables Impact Content Marketing?

wearables impact content marketing

In March we talked to Michael Atkinson¬†about how wearable technology might impact restaurants into the future. Today we consider the broader impact of wearables on content marketing. Wearables, or clothing and accessories embedded with smart technology to support individualized computing, are rapidly rising in popularity. With gadgets like smartwatches and Google Glass garnering more and […]

Hearables, The Next Big Thing?

The Dash by Bragi

“You mean wearables, right?“¬†Wrong. Hearables, according to recent sources, are the next big thing. Nick Hunn of wearable-technologies.com says we’re talkin’ $5 billion by 2018 big. If you’re still trying to figure out how the h-e-double hockey sticks to advertise on the tiny screen of a smartwatch, here’s why you should switch Gears (pun intended). […]

How Your Brand Can Advertise with Augmented Reality

layar- augmented reality advertising by morgan meade - NR Media Group

With all the talk about wearables lately, the advertising implications can get a little overwhelming. How can your company start to integrate new platforms today that will put you ahead of the crowd? Augmented reality isn’t just for gamers. The interactive advertising world is abuzz with all the possibilities this cross-platform application has to offer. […]

033: Michael Atkinson on Wearable Technology in Restaurants

Michael Atinkson

Do you wear Glass? Google Glass made huge waves a few years back when the Internet giant announced its development and limited release. Since that time, the focus of just about all of the big tech trade shows have been on the rising trend and excitement for wearable technology. But outside of consumer use, does […]