#017 Jonah Berger on Viral Marketing and STEPPS

Viral Marketing Book | Jonah Berger

Ever heard of a $100 cheese steak? It’s a restaurant marketing idea that spread virally, making Barclay Prime one of the top upscale steakhouses in the city of Philadelphia. If you’ve ever wondered exactly how viral marketing works, this next interview is jammed packed with all of the information you need to make your menu […]

An Open Letter to the PRSSA Students of Ohio University


Dear Students, Thanks for giving me the chance to speak with you and geek out a bit at the PRSSA Social Media Summit.  You are an amazing crowd, and each of you possess the talent to drive change in your careers. Never forget this – YOU are the communicators of tomorrow. That’s important. YOU are […]

Case Study: Go Viral on YouTube with Shock & Awe Content

I was turned 0nto this video on YouTube when I sat on a panel at a co-branded Columbus AMA and AdFed event a few weeks ago. Since that time, I’ve been much more aware of wearing my seat belt on every drive. It works because it’s shock and awe content. Watch. Case Study: Go Viral on […]

The Thing About Viral Video Marketing

I hear that a lot from the clients I meet with. “We just want our stuff to go viral. We want everyone to watch our videos on YouTube and tell all their friends about them. You can help us do that, right?” Umm. Maybe. It depends on attitude and how much your willing to be […]

Old Spice Viral Video Campaign & Why It’s Brilliant


If you have an Internet connection, you probably know what’s going on with the Old Spice Guy.  He’s everywhere.  And people are talking, laughing and sharing the videos at an incredible pace.  At the time of this post, Old Spice’s YouTube channel has recieved a total of 53,660,116 views, with a large majority happening in the […]