Workaholics: Research & Tools for Establishing Work-Life Balance


Today’s guest post comes from Anita Brady, chief executive of I think this post has some excellent tools you can use to establish work-life balance. If you’re looking to make your own business cards, give her company a look. It might be possible to take loving your work a little too far (Photo by Aek1982) Do you […]

5 Elements That Make Brand Evangelism Work for Companies

Personal Brands

Part of my gig at Karcher is evangelism for the agency. Not a bad gig for someone with an ENFp personality type, right? Back in 2009, Chris and Julien were one of the first folks to talk about how individuals could use internet tools and content to develop online personas that could be leveraged to promote company brands. They […]

Marketing Case Study: How Logitech Wins a Moment of Truth [VIDEO]

Marketing - Moments of Truth

The illustration above comes from the folks at and their post on Google’s ZMOT eBook. It cleanly highlights three different moments of truth in the customer experience for any brand. These moments occur at the time when a consumer has the most personal and intimate experiences with your product or service. In ZMOT, Google argues that as a result of the socialization of […]

Content Marketing for Small Business at the 2012 Ohio Growth Summit

Register for #OGS12

This is the week you’ve been waiting for – at least if you’re an Ohio small business owner. The 2012 Ohio Growth Summit kicks off bright and early this Thursday in the main ball room at Columbus State Community College. And what an event it will be! I think Mike Bowers and the rest of […]

Pinterest: 5 Reasons the Valuation of the Darling Discovery Network is Bogus

Pinterest Adoption - December 2011

By now, you’ve probably see the articles flying around the web that are citing the $100 Million investment into Pinterest by Japan’s top online shopping site Rakuten Inc, which has then valued America’s darling visual discovery platform at between $1 billion and $1.5 billion dollars. Personally, I think those numbers reflect our absolute infatuation with heightened traffic as the […]