Why You Should Join the SlideShare Community Today

slideshare community

In a previous post, we discussed the major benefits of creating community-driven “living lists” with Listly. Today we explore the same concept of collaborative content as it relates to the SlideShare community and presentations. SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and other professional content, like PDFs, infographics, documents, videos, and webinars. Its […]

Use Listly for Your Content Marketing (7 Reasons Why You Should)

listly ceo

Do you already use Listly as a tool in your content marketing program? I don’t need to tell you that lists and list posts are popular all over the web. There’s already a ton of great insights out there on why people like lists and how they work inside our brains, and I’ll share some of […]

Market Research Sources: 5 Simple Tips for Validating Insights


You and I are living in an age where content is rising over the banks of the web like flood waters. And, I hope that you’re as excited about this as I am. For marketers like us, it’s an industry renaissance — one that has brought opportunities for story-telling, building our own branding networks and channels […]

Workaholics: Research & Tools for Establishing Work-Life Balance


Today’s guest post comes from Anita Brady, chief executive of 123print.com. I think this post has some excellent tools you can use to establish work-life balance. If you’re looking to make your own business cards, give her company a look. It might be possible to take loving your work a little too far (Photo by Aek1982) Do you […]

Pinterest Analytics: Install the Pinerly Browser Extension

Pinterest Analytics

It seems that the Pinterest bubble has burst, but all is not lost for marketers looking to tap into the power of visual niche-network’s scrolling-based rabbit hole, in hopes of driving traffic and attention to their brand. Pinerly is one of the first 3rd party Pinterest analytics apps that’s already making progress towards gathering user […]