The Impact of Brand in the Rise of Google Plus

Google Plus Adoption Graph

Yeah, I know. More with the Google Plus stuff. Humpf. The truth is, there’s now more new users coming on to Google Plus faster than every other network that came before it. Maybe you’ve already seen this graph on the web? So, 24 days to 20 million users. Neato. While lots of people are blown […]

Google on Winning the Zero Moment of Truth


I’ve been so focused on Google Plus these last weeks that I almost missed winning the zero moment of truth. No … really … that’s what it’s called. Google’s new eBook that you can download here is entitled ZMOT: Winning the Zero Moment of Truth, written by Google’s Jim  Lecinsk. Here’s a trailer video from […]

Why Mac OSX Lion is So Cool – And Why You Shouldn’t Install It Just Yet

Hi there. I’m pleased to give the floor to Mike Castaldi today because he’s going to share some important things that Mac users ought to consider before running to and downloading the new Mac OSX Lion. Mike’s company Wildfrog Consulting helps small businesses build their systems and keep them running smoothly.  This post was in part, […]

Doing Good Content Marketing

Google Plus with Chris Brogan

I’ll start by being honest myself — I don’t really like that a lot of people are giving Chris Brogan shit for building out a training webinar on Google Plus. I mean really, folks. What’s up with some groups of people always having their panties in a bunch every time someone wants to try and […]

HOW TO Grow Your Google Plus Network in 5 Easy Steps

Google Plus Invite Circle

I like putting things in buckets. Not so much the buckets in the literal sense, unless it’s good beer on a hot day and the bucket is located on my patio and filled with ice. That’s a bucket for the win. Nope. I mean buckets in the sense of organization. If you’ve been playing around […]