3 Cool Kids You Should Stalk This Week – Search Marketers Edition

I’m glad to be bringing back my cool kids series. In 2011, these posts were by far some of the most fun to write. This week we’ll take a look at some of the coolest kids I recently met while attending MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit in Deer Valley, Utah as a brand panelist on social […]

Sleeping Bags with Sleeves and the Path of Least Resistance

Max Speel Sac

With the unfortunate death of Steve Jobs earlier this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about innovation. Steve was a great innovator. We really only see folks like him who share the vision, passion and charisma to build innovations that change entire industries once in a great while. Steve’s up there with Alexander Graham Bell, Henry […]

The Personal Brand: Daily Work List

In the next few weeks, you’ll see some more posts on all of this personal brand stuff. The stories, lists and how-to’s will be derived from my own experience with transitioning from a solo-preneur business to leading digital marketing at Bob Evans Farms. If you’re in this situation, I hope the posts help you… – nate One […]

5 Simple Steps to Learning from Your Blogs Top 10 Traffic Referral Posts


Have you ever done a Top 10 Posts post on your blog? Don’t feel bad if you haven’t. I’ve never haven’t either … until now, that is. I see lots of bloggers do this, and aside from getting your more popular work out in front of your readers, I think there’s some good learning that […]

The Weekly Blogging Style Guide #7: Media Styles

blogging style guide poll

Welcome back folks! Before we begin, let me share two quick updates with you. Cool? First, if you haven’t already, I wanted to to remind you to register for Content Marketing World that’s taking place in Cleveland ,Ohio September 6th-8th. I’m working with Joe on the event and will be be doing short talk on […]