Is Disruptive Technology Adoption Accelerating?

Pinterest Adoption

As far as disruptive technology adoption goes, it seems like web users have flocked towards Pinterest like grade school kids flock towards the sound of an ice-cream truck driving through the neighborhood on a hot summer day. According to some research from popular search analytics tool Compete, Pinterest had amazing performance during the month of January 2012, attracting over 11 million unique visitors to the […]

What the Plus! Guy Kawasaki on Why Google+ is for Passion


If you’re a business-savvy internet user, you already know about Guy. The video below is about 16 minutes long – much longer than most of the interviews I typically record, but well worth your time and attention. After talking with him, I understand why there’s always a flurry of activity that surrounds Guy Kawasaki. He is enchanting. Guy’s new […]

Community Manager Interview: Jennifer MacDonald from Engage121

Jennifer MacDonald - Engage 121

As part of the work I’m doing to try to help you understand how Facebook’s Timeline update for pages will affect what you do with that tool, I’m on a mission to get the perspective of other community managers who live and breathe Facebook Pages daily. It’s interesting to compare to only a few years ago when […]

Embrace Disruption – My Slides from #PLA12

Encyclopedia Britannica Stops Presses - NYT

Perhaps you’ve already heard that the presses have stopped. The once coveted print edition of the Encyclopedia Britannia has become the latest victim of disruptive technology. After 244 years of print, what’s arguably one of the most revered sources of sharable information will no longer go to the presses. Rather, a rebirth is in process, focused on […]

Powerbag Product Review – A Must Have Product for Any Jet Setter


I happened to meet my new friend Ben Bykosky at this year’s South By Southwest Interactive Festival down in Austin, Texas. On day two, after complaining that I was nearly out of battery power on my Droid, he pulls out this blue bag called the Powerbag and offers to plug me in so I can charge up. Super cool. […]