Pinterest Analytics: Install the Pinerly Browser Extension

Pinterest Analytics

It seems that the Pinterest bubble has burst, but all is not lost for marketers looking to tap into the power of visual niche-network’s scrolling-based rabbit hole, in hopes of driving traffic and attention to their brand. Pinerly is one of the first 3rd party Pinterest analytics apps that’s already making progress towards gathering user […]

23 New Marketing Books to Keep Your Nose Pointed (Plus 1 More)


Photo by fmgbain  A few weeks ago Aleksey Kernes tweeted me to ask about what new marketing books I recommend as good reading. A good question deserves a good answer. Here’s a list of some new marketing book titles that I believe have the potential to keep your nose pointed down towards the table for long periods of time. Fair […]

How To Use Buffer to Manage Twitter for Business

Twitter for Business -- How To Use Buffer

A few times each year, I take a long hard look at the tools I use to manage my presence and do some Spring cleaning. Part of my role at The Karcher Group is presence building online and brand evangelism, and that means dedicating a decent amount of time each day to both creating my […]

Twitter Tips — 17 Ways to Shorten Your Tweets

Twitter Tips -- 13 Ways to Keep Your Tweets Brief

One of the things that drives me a bit nutty is reading tweets that end in “…” I’m betting you’ve seen this, too – the dreaded elipse that occurs by default when a user has completely blown past the constraint of the 140 character limit that has made Twitter so famous. To me, seeing the elipse represents a very […]

5 Social Media Measurement Tools for Building More Effective Marketing Channels

Social Media Measurement Tools -- Peter Drucker

It’s debatable as to whether or not Peter Drucker actually originated the statement: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” But, no matter who’s responsible for the famous quote, one fact remains – it’s a true statement. If you read yesterday’s post on putting the cart before the horse in generating ROI from social media, you are […]