GoInbound 2013: One of the Best Marketing Conferences in the Midwest

best marketing conferences midwest

I get asked this question about a lot by folks I meet: ”What are the best marketing conferences in the Midwest?” Just for fun, click here to Tweet the question up there from your own Twitter account and see what you get back. Perhaps you’ll get a difference list than mine below. In my opinion, there are really […]

5 Social Marketing Conferences in 2013 That Will Tear Off Your Blinders

Social Media Marketing Conferences 2013

At some points during my career, we’ve all been guilty of wearing blinders. The problem is, keeping our attention focused inside of the same safe industry fishbowl. When we do that, we often miss outside opportunities that help us to grow our knowledge and experience. Sound familiar? I’m willing to bet that for you’ve find […]

Content Marketing World is in Columbus Ohio – What You May be Missing

Content Marketing World | Columbus Ohio

Marketing conferences seem to pick up again during the fall months, and this year our marketing circles in Columbus, Ohio have been given a very special privilege. What to know what that is? Content Marketing World is in Columbus, Ohio (and attending will make you smarter) You want to be a smarter marketer, right? Joe Pullizzi and his […]

5 Elements That Make Brand Evangelism Work for Companies

Personal Brands

Part of my gig at Karcher is evangelism for the agency. Not a bad gig for someone with an ENFp personality type, right? Back in 2009, Chris and Julien were one of the first folks to talk about how individuals could use internet tools and content to develop online personas that could be leveraged to promote company brands. They […]

Balancing Business, Travel, and My Kids – What I’m Learning from Other Professional Speakers

Sally Hogshead -- Fascinate Tour

I’m lucky. I have a job that often gets me out of my hometown and on airplanes that take me to interesting cities where I can spend time with very interesting people and share experiences that build relationships. Know what? I wouldn’t trade that opportunity if I had the chance. It’s amazing, and I love what I […]