The Role of Government on Social Media

government on social media

By now, nearly everyone has seen this tweet from @CIA on their timeline. But what does this mean for the role of government on┬ásocial media, and how are government bodies utilizing social media? 1. Safety The Twitter Earthquake Dispatch allows people to be aware of an earthquake before it hits your area. One instance of […]

#045: Chris Tomasso on Yelp for Restaurants

yelp for restaurants

Did you know every star on a Yelp review leads to a 5-9% increase in revenue for restaurants? One of the most useful tools you can utilize is Yelp for restaurants, and your guest this week will attest to how it can affects your reputation. In episode #045 of the Social Restaurant Podcast, I welcome […]

Gentry’s Top Five Social Restaurant Podcasts

The Social Restaurant Podcast has been coming to you guys every Friday and now it’s time for a recap. After 41 episodes, the Social Restaurant Podcast has taken you through everything from Google Glass to craft beer. I’m here to take you through my top five favorite Social Restaurant Podcasts (in no particular order)… 1. […]

What Is SoMoLo and How Will It Affect Your Brand in 2014?

somolo customer

At the heart of content marketing is the desire to build a customer-strategy that is formulated by standing in customers’ shoes and understanding their experience. In 2014, the rising trend of the “SoMoLo customer” is moving organizations to evaluate their strategy and reach this important purchasing demographic. What is SoMoLo? The term refers to a […]