#037: Jason Smylie on Using Google Glass in the Restaurant Business

Jason Smylie

You’ve heard us mention Google Glass a few times on the show, right? But what exactly is Google Glass? And more importantly, does it have any use cases in my restaurant system? In episode #037 of the Social Restaurant Podcast, I welcome Jason Smylie, EVP, CIO and CMO of Caproitti’s Sandwich Shop, a franchised system that has recently […]

036: Dan Kim on Using Social Media to Grow a Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Dan Kim

In October if 2013, CNBC reported that major American private equity firms have been pouring money into an early stage restaurant industry segment that is poised for explosive growth over the next decade. If you guessed Frozen Yogurt, you are dead on!  “FroYo”— as the product often is called by a growing number of fans […]

035: Liz Lessner on the Power of Well-Defined Restaurant Concepts


A 2005 study conducted by researchers at The Ohio State University found that while a clear business plan and strategy is important, the most successful restaurant owners all had one thing in common — a well-defined concept. But what makes a concept well defined?  The researchers point out that not only do well-defined concepts provided […]

034: Jonathan Luther Jr. on the Great American Hotdog Joint


If there’s one food that’s made its way into the mouths of just about everyone in America, it’s probably the hotdog. A classic American food cherished by everyone from hipsters to school kids and sports fans alike, the hotdog trend has gained momentum in recent years, moving these mouth-watering American delicacies from microwaves, baseball fields […]

033: Michael Atkinson on Wearable Technology in Restaurants

Michael Atinkson

Do you wear Glass? Google Glass made huge waves a few years back when the Internet giant announced its development and limited release. Since that time, the focus of just about all of the big tech trade shows have been on the rising trend and excitement for wearable technology. But outside of consumer use, does […]