HOW TO Promote an Event Using Twitter – Guest Hannah DeMilta


I’m pleased to feature the very talented Hannah DeMilta as a guest blogger today. Hannah and I met a few months back via social media, and found that we both shared the Otterbein College experience in Westerville.  She is set to graduate from Otterbein this Spring and has already begun weaving the threads of her […]

Getting More Twitter Followers & Why You Should

Getting more Twitter followers seems to be a big trend and, at the same time, a heated topic of debate in social media. When I launched the new last week, I sent a direct message to Chris to let him know a new design was up and running, and to get his feedback on anything […]

Winning the Location-Based Applications Race

After writing a few posts on how businesses might start thinking about how they could leverage Fourquare, it’s been a topic of conversation in just about every coffee meet up since.  Today was a great conversation with Faye Stock Oney and Jan Antauer.  Jan is in the coffee business in Historic Dublin, and makes a […]

HOW TO Optimize Company LinkedIn Profiles for Search & Lead Conversion

In my opinion, LinkedIn is still one of the most powerful social networking tools for business. I know Lewis will agree with me here.  Yesterday, while finishing up a day of corporate training with Incept, I received two invitations to connect.  Both were fully targeted to how I’ve optimized my profile, connecting with me to […]

HOW TO Ideas on Using Social Media for Trade Show Exhibiting

The Skyline Exhibitor Exchange was jam-packed with ideas on how social media tools can integrate into a trade show exhibition strategy.  The goal is to extend the live event experience to the online space. My co-presenters, Will Burrus, Tiffany Odutoye and Eric Leslie, all brought some serious material to share.  It was literally a “drink from […]