5 Tips for Using LinkedIn to Develop Blog Content Ideas


As a blogger, sometimes new ideas for posts flow like a river.  At other times, however, your brain can run dry for days. Part of blogging is realizing and accepting the fact that, on occasion, you will get stuck.  Another part of being a blogger is finding ways to get yourself unstuck and continuing to feed the system […]

Social Media & Human Evolution


In the past two days, I’ve been a part of two very powerful hugs. The first was with a childhood friend when she and her husband came for a visit to Columbus and Community Fest.  At the end of a wonderful (and much needed) evening, one final hug goodbye reminded me of how and why […]

35 Things You Can Do To Have Better One-To-One Meetings


Anymore, I’m selective with the meet-ups and events I attend locally.  I have to be.  However, things out of my own backyard are a different story since I don’t know most of the folks there. I do enjoy going the local events, but time is a scarce resource and I’m forced to limit myself to […]

7 Outcomes of Organizational Communication & Social Media – A Draft Framework


We seem to have been trained to lump all social media into the bucket of marketing and external communication.  Why is that? I believe that our gravitation towards looking at social media as only a new set of marketing tools has been largely driven by advertising and marketing agency’s quick adoption of them.  Their inrerest, […]

HOW TO Be a Good Agent Zero


For me, one of the most relevant chapters in Chris and Julien‘s Trust Agents describes the idea of being “Agent Zero”.  In June of last year (prior to the book launch, I believe), Chris wrote this short description on his blog of what an “Agent Zero” does: Agent Zero Connecting and networking and building relationships […]