Humans, Robots and Circles — On Google +

What ever happened to the meaning of the word ‘friends’? Our experiences on Facebook would have us use this word to describe old long-lost classmates, former-coworkers or even complete strangers who happen to stumble upon our profile and send a request. But, that’s not been working for us so well, has it? We’ve learned our […]

Facebook Page HOW TO: 4 Winning Approaches for Building the Right Fan Base


If you missed yesterday’s post in my Facebook series, we talked about page design with the savvy cool kids from Fandura. Elijah and Mark share some great insights in the video interview. As a bonus, they left a resource comments for you to download.  It’s rock-solid info and it’s free, so go back in time […]

Be Careful What You Say — Examples of Social Media and the Law

I’d like to welcome guest blogger Ashley Spade to the floor today.  Ashley is currently a law student and you can find here on Twitter at @ashpade. _____________ It is estimated that a total of 234 million people in the United States age 13 and older use some form of social media on a regular […]

How To Build Presence on Twitter Like a Pirate

ManageFlitter Pro

If you’re not using ManageFiltter Pro as a tool to help you build presence and follow the right people on Twitter, you should be.  And by the way, I’m not affiliated with the company at all and they don’t pay me a dime to write about them … at least not yet, anyway. Why am […]

How To Ride the Long Tail of Twitter

Screen shot 2011-04-27 at 12.34.06 PM

Looks like a good time, right?  Trust me. It was… When Gary Vaynerchuk goes to South by Southwest and tweets that he’s having a Secret Wine Party, hundreds and hundreds of people show up. When Brian Solis retweets other people’s blog posts, dozens of retweets of that same content come within minutes. Maybe they’ve actually […]