#009 Facebook Marketing for Restaurants with Mike Gingerich of Tabsite

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In this week’s episode of the Social Restaurant Podcast, we’re talking about the world’s largest social network and how your brand can get more traction on your Facebook page and more attention from your fans. Joining me this week is Mike Gingerich, one of the leading strategists in the Midwest focused on Facebook marketing for […]

#006: Exploring the Rise of Social Media Executives

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In this week’s episode of The Social Restaurant Podcast, we’re going to explore the rise of social media executives. During the show, I share research, insights and examples of on how executives in all sizes of companies, are using content and social media to foster brand advocacy, both inside and outside of the company walls. […]

Do Push Notifications Increase Social Media Engagement?

Apple Push Notifications: iPhone App

One of my new fascinations has become learning about how you and I build the habits that impact our lives, families, businesses and just about everything else in between. Stop and really think about it for a moment — a large portion of your daily routines are governed by the habits you’ve learned and stored over the years, good or bad. It’s […]

GoInbound 2013: One of the Best Marketing Conferences in the Midwest

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I get asked this question about a lot by folks I meet: ”What are the best marketing conferences in the Midwest?” Just for fun, click here to Tweet the question up there from your own Twitter account and see what you get back. Perhaps you’ll get a difference list than mine below. In my opinion, there are really […]

Content Marketing Strategy: Mixing Live-Stream and Recorded Video

Colin Christianson

Video has become a HUGE part of just about every brand’s content marketing strategy.  It’s powerful stuff, but do you find yourself at a loss as to how to take things up a notch? You really need to watch this video.  I think it has the potential to think differently about video and what you’re […]