036: Dan Kim on Using Social Media to Grow a Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Dan Kim

In October if 2013, CNBC reported that major American private equity firms have been pouring money into an early stage restaurant industry segment that is poised for explosive growth over the next decade. If you guessed Frozen Yogurt, you are dead on!  “FroYo”— as the product often is called by a growing number of fans […]

#006: Exploring the Rise of Social Media Executives

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In this week’s episode of The Social Restaurant Podcast, we’re going to explore the rise of social media executives. During the show, I share research, insights and examples of on how executives in all sizes of companies, are using content and social media to foster brand advocacy, both inside and outside of the company walls. […]

4 Compelling Reasons for Approaching Twitter as a Social Executive

Social Executive

I first published a version of this post over at the Zemanta blog. I think it’s an important example, so I wanted to share it with you here too. Why?  There’s a chance that a potential social executive could be hidden in your company.  All you have to do is teach them the value they could bring to the […]