This Week in Restaurant Technologies #019: Opinions on Restaurant Technology Trends

point of personalized service system

In this week’s show, Nate and Brandon dig into two op-ed pieces from industry consultants who have strong opinions on some of the potential negative impacts of the latest restaurant technology trends such as the sharing economy and mobile applications. 1. The sharing economy (i.e. Uber, etc.) is impacting the restaurant industry- and it may […]

What is a Reasonable Wait Time at a Restaurant?

reasonable wait time for a restaurant

Did you know restaurants have wait lists an average of 6.6 hours per week, with the average wait time being 23 minutes? This begs the question of a what reasonable wait time at a restaurant should be? Our guest this week wants to lower that number significantly- so he named his startup NoWait. NoWait is […]

This Week in Restaurant Technologies #018: To Play Games or be Useful?

point of personalized service system

To play games or be useful? In this week’s show, Brandon and I discuss the outcomes of game mechanics vs. being useful. 1. Foursquare’s latest innovations¬†with their app has affected restaurants. Brandon and I discuss if they are trying to play games or be useful. 2. Applebee’s new campaign involves user’s photos and Instagram. Watch […]

How Does the World See You?

how the world sees you

How does the world see you? Do you know your Fascination Advantages? Are you Power and Prestige? Or Passion and Trust? Out of the seven Advantages, everyone has a Primary, Secondary and Dormant Advantage. You can find out yours and your personality archetype on the Fascination website. In episode #048 of the Social Restaurant Podcast, […]

TWIRT: Best of Mobile Ordering

mobile ordering

This Week in Restaurant Technologies is taking a break for a recap of the top mobile ordering episodes. We’ve handpicked these as the best of the best- do you agree with our choices? 1. #015: Depersonalizing the Dining Experience Episode #015 brought us news on having a tablet as your waiter, and the latest from […]