#025 Kelly Roddy on Building Restaurant Brands


As a marketer by trade, the power of branding has always fascinated me.  But for multi-unit restaurants, developing and stewarding a brand is a very serious business. From internal communications to marketing to the local restaurant environment, strong branding must be a corner stone of any chain’s growth and success. My guest this week has […]

#021 Firehouse Subs CEO Don Fox on Building Successful Restaurant Franchises

Don Fox

What does it take to grow and operate a successful restaurant franchise system?  One might imagine that it’s a huge undertaking that requires quite a bit of hands on activity to get it right. This week’s guest has spent the last few years doing exactly that.  In fact, he’s so hands on, QSR Magazine gave […]

#008: Cherryh Butler on Fast Casual Restaurant Trends

Wordpress banner SRP

In this week’s episode of the Social Restaurant Podcast, we’re taking a deep dive into the most explosive segment in the restaurant industry! Cherryh Butler is the Editor of FastCasual.com, and she joins me this week to share behind-the-scenes insights on fast casual industry movers and shakers, hot new concepts and what’s in store for the segment 2014. […]