This Week in Restaurant Technologies: Social News and Online Ordering

Restaurant Technologies: Facebook Paper App

This week, Brandon and I are back with episode 004 of This Week in Restaurant Technologies. How do you get the news these days?  Do you read the morning paper? Email newsletters?  What about Twitter or other social media sites? This Week in Restaurant Technologies: Social News and Online Ordering In this week’s video, Brandon and […]

Why and How Should I Optimize for Mobile Search?

The Mobile Playbook - Optimize for Mobile

Whenever we get a glimmer of insight on how to keep Google working in our favor, we’re all ears. Have you had a chance to digest their newest gift to marketers? This post is all about why mobile search matters, and how to make it work for you. First on the agenda, it’s a crash […]

How Your Brand Can Advertise with Augmented Reality

layar- augmented reality advertising by morgan meade - NR Media Group

With all the talk about wearables lately, the advertising implications can get a little overwhelming. How can your company start to integrate new platforms today that will put you ahead of the crowd? Augmented reality isn’t just for gamers. The interactive advertising world is abuzz with all the possibilities this cross-platform application has to offer. […]

#013 Restaurant Catering with Erle Dardick of MonkeyMedia Software

Erle Dardick MonkeyMedia Software

Here’s a tough question for any restaurant operator: As we gear up for the holiday season, just how important are off-premise sales to your restaurant’s business? When I was at Bob Evans, this time of year meant ramping up the campaigns, operations and logistics that helped us grow revenues by marketing our branded Thanksgiving dinner […]

#005: Santiago Jaramillo on the Most Underused Tactic in Mobile Marketing

santiago jaramillo @santiagojara

I’m willing to bet that your restaurant already has a mobile app. Am I right? Truth is, most restaurant marketing teams in the game today already see the value in mobile. It’s hard to ignore, especially since those same marketers tote Androids and iPhones as part of their daily routines. The reality is that most […]