Why Should I Have a LinkedIn Company Page?

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In two weeks, LinkedIn will be removing Products & Services Pages from company profiles. Until now, some brands have used LinkedIn Company Pages to showcase their products and services, as well as recommendations and reviews from customers who were willing to sing the praises of their experience with what the company offered. These recommendations have […]

Master LinkedIn Today — Learn to Save Time with 3 Stellar Features

LinkedIn Today

This is a post I originally ran over at OpenView Labs. Enjoy your Monday! There’s a few things you come to accept after some time working in small agencies and small businesses: You wear a lot of hats so your idle time becomes scarce. Building, maintaining and leveraging your professional connections is absolutely critical for survival. Early on, learning to beg […]

BeKnown – How a Monster Makes Facebook Look Like LinkedIn


Yeah, I know — I’m a day late. Truth is, there wasn’t really as much buzz around BeKnown as I thought there would be. I actually had a tip about Monster.com’s launch of the BeKnown Facebook application late Sunday night. But I waited so that I could see it for myself and have some time […]

Jim Canterucci on Using LinkedIn to Increase Blog Readership

I tripped over an interesting technique that increased readership for a recent blog post at ELCircle.com by 33% over similar posts. This guest post (thanks for the invitation Nate) discusses how you can use the LinkedIn Answers feature to do the same. The approach we’re discussing here is a bit of an extension on some […]

Tools and Tips for Using Scheduled Updates Across Social Networks

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Do you make it a daily practice to schedule tweets, Facebook wall posts and LinkedIn status updates to publish throughout the day? One of the best advancements of social media engagement dashboards in 2010 was the release of feature sets that allowed users to pre-schedule updates across various networks throughout the day.  Why?  Schedulers help […]