#018 Jeffrey Rohrs on Developing Your Proprietary Audience

audience book jeffrey rhors

Did you know that you and your brand have the potential to build a proprietary audience? If you’ve ever wondered exactly how viral marketing works, this next interview is jammed packed with all of the information you need to make your menu and promotions spread from one customer to next. In episode #018 of the […]

#015 Eric Chester on Building Employee Work Ethic on the Front Lines

eric chester interview

Can you pinpoint the most important space in your restaurants?  Some operators believe that it’s the space in-between your guests and your menu. For others, it comes down to the crowded tabletop real estate where things like seasonal promotions become visible and take flight. But my guest today will argue that while each of those […]

Content Marketing Examples and Heros Behind a Whiteboards

Social Media Keynote Speaker Nate Riggs

As a marketing professional, I find it incredibly inspiring when I see students doing incredible work. Especially when its incredible work for an incredible cause. This past weekend, I had the privilege of being asked to be the Friday night keynote speaker at the 35th Annual International Collegiate Conference. This event, held in the big easy of New Orleans pulls together […]