The Power of Habit: A Review from the Lens of a Marketing Student

The Power of Habit Book Review

I’m delighted to have Kritika Murli as a guest author today.   I met Kritika, a bright young marketer from Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business, via Twitter and during my keynote at this year’s AMA International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans.  When I mentioned this powerful book by Charles Duhigg, she got pretty excited. […]

3 Case Studies on Using Big Data in Social Business

Big Data in Social Business

By now, you’ve probably heard the words “big data” used ad nauseam in discussions on social business. Big data refers to the ability to collect large sets of complex data that are normally difficult to filter. Once your company has this data, what should be done with it? As someone who is doing business on social media, you […]

Be Careful What You Say — Examples of Social Media and the Law

I’d like to welcome guest blogger Ashley Spade to the floor today.  Ashley is currently a law student and you can find here on Twitter at @ashpade. _____________ It is estimated that a total of 234 million people in the United States age 13 and older use some form of social media on a regular […]

Editorial Calendars: An Age-Old Collaborative Work

It’s Thursday again and time for another guest on Since Mike was in town this week, I’m pleased to share something that he’d written for I think you might find the comparison interesting. Here’s Mike Brown… Social media programs benefit from new strategies and thinking. Successful social media efforts should also consider offline […]

Social Media Makes It Real – By Jim Joseph


A few months back, I had the chance to attend the AMA Marketing Research Conference in Atlanta.  It was during that conference that I first met today’s guest blogger on Jim Joseph is the President of Lippe Taylor Brand Communications and author of The Experience Effect (amazon affiliate).  His presentation at the conference was […]