Why Google Needed to Buy Songza

Image: Songza

Google is years behind other companies out there. While their algorithms and wearables seem like they come from the future, Google falls flat in one area: music streaming. Music streaming isn’t best completed by algorithms and computers, like the rest of Google’s products. Instead, DJs and music experts can hand craft a playlist for you with […]

This Week in Restaurant Technologies #007: Your Restaurant in the Mobile World

new technologies in restaurants

How to Improve Your Restaurant in the Mobile World In this week’s show, Brandon and I continue the chat on mobile payment, highlighting some restaurant systems who are developing partners with major technology companies like Google. We also look at a new review site and how it is changing the online restaurant world. 1. Dominos Wants […]

Can We Trust Social Networks?


Using social networks releases feelings of love, but research has shown that individuals may be less trusting of others on these sites. Sounds silly, right? (The Dude is confused, too) But can we trust social networks and the updates we see published to them? The Role of Trust Although social networking is widely attributed to activities […]