This Week in Restaurant Technologies #018: To Play Games or be Useful?

point of personalized service system

To play games or be useful? In this week’s show, Brandon and I discuss the outcomes of game mechanics vs. being useful. 1. Foursquare’s latest innovations¬†with their app has affected restaurants. Brandon and I discuss if they are trying to play games or be useful. 2. Applebee’s new campaign involves user’s photos and Instagram. Watch […]

What Are the Seven Social Media Building Blocks?

How do you use social media? To read stories, articles, gossip, comics? To share them? To tweet your own activities or opinions? Each of these ways, plus others, are the social media phenomenon. We are now content curators, and social media is a building block in our daily activities. But what is the framework of […]

The Psychology of Gamification

Social Badges

Have you been awarded a trophy or a badge in recognition of an achievement? Awarding badges has emerged as a way to engage and motivate users and increase brand loyalty in their social media experiences. Foursquare, the paramount network that utilizes badges, and Wikipedia have popularized these tiny, pretty stickers that are “game-ifying” social media. […]