#030 Shannon Payette Seip of Bean Sprouts on Healthy Menu Options for Kids

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I love my kids, but sometimes they can be the pickiest of eaters. And when they’re not happy with the menu, my wife and I hear about it to no end. As a parent, I can tell you first hand that it’s always a challenge to find good, healthy food that your kids can get […]

Chick-fil-A: What You Missed in Dan Cathy’s Biblical Definition of the Family

Dan Cathy - Chick-fil-A President & COO

The Chick-fil-A PR crisis has commanded a ton of our attention this week. It’s interesting that a brand, so well-known for its effectiveness in marketing and operations execution can bring its reputation under attack as a result of a values statement made by the leader at the helm. The statement below from Dan Cathy, Chick-fil-A’s […]

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I’ve been MIA since last weekend so thanks for your patience. I’m so grateful that you care enough to send tweets and Facebook messages supporting my family and I as we welcomed our new little boy into the world. Sarah gave birth to Maxwell Connor Bednar-Riggs at St. Ann’s Hospital on Monday August 15th at […]

A Story for Fathers Day – Ice Cold Milk and Doughnuts


I originally published this post over on Patrick Reyes few months ago. There’s lots of good posts over there about dad stuff. But, I thought the post was pretty appropriate for today and I wanted to have a copy of the memory on my own blog.  Happy Father’s Day… ______________________________________________________________ One of the things I’ve always remembered […]

Establishing Congruency and Work-Life Balance

Going to bed late seems to create sluggish mornings. Who knew? I’m only 30 years old, but I definitely notice a difference from when I was in my early twenties. As a 23 year old, I could average about four hours of sleep each night and be right as rain. High energy levels is a genetic […]