How to Leverage Email Marketing Best Practices for Your Brand

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In today’s digital world, all communication is not created equal. Choosing the right Email Marketing Service Provider can help to ensure that the content you send out is effective for your readers. Email Marketing Service Providers (ESPs) give their users a platform to create email campaigns to send to content subscribers. Unlike single-user/small-scale email providers […]

#018 Jeffrey Rohrs on Developing Your Proprietary Audience

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Did you know that you and your brand have the potential to build a proprietary audience? If you’ve ever wondered exactly how viral marketing works, this next interview is jammed packed with all of the information you need to make your menu and promotions spread from one customer to next. In episode #018 of the […]

#016 Fishbowl CEO Scott Shaw Talks Restaurant CRM

Restaurant CRM | Scott Shaw

Email marketing is no stranger to the restaurant business. Why? It’s incredibly effective at driving up guest counts and opening wallets. But what comes next? What other value can restaurants get from their at times, vast databases of customer information that typically start with permission to connect with a guest via a single email address? […]

How Spotify Reduces Backlash and Retains Customers for the Long Term

Spotify Email

Try as we will, one thing is certain – no business, no matter how wonderful the product or service – will deliver perfectly, all of the time. Things will eventually happen that will breach the trust of customers and potentially their taste for what they are buying. Case Study: How Spotify Reduces Backlash and Retains […]

A Case Study in How To Dreadfully Screw Up a Scarcity Play via Email


The guy you’ll read about below is absolutely doing everything 100% wrong. I could have used more colorful language to highlight that point, but I’ll keep it friendly for the kids. In all honesty though – case study examples like this make me feel the need to put on my angry face. The Scarcity Play In […]