#003: Zoës Kitchen on Social Intelligence

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How does your brand sift through all the social media noise to get to the trends and insights that help you make better decisions? My guests this week seem to have found the answer by investing an idea known as ‘social intelligence.” In episode #003 of the Social Restaurant Podcast, I’m delighted to be joined by […]

Create Infographics with Gusto (5 Design Tips You Can Use Right Now)

Nationwide Children's Hospital - Columbus Ohio

This summer in Columbus, Ohio, one of the most exciting things for parents has been the unveiling of the recent expansion of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. While no parent (or child) ever hopes to have to pay a visit to the new, leading edge pediatrics and research facility, its presence on the outer edge of downtown Columbus brings […]

Marketing Case Study: How Logitech Wins a Moment of Truth [VIDEO]

Marketing - Moments of Truth

The illustration above comes from the folks at AgileMarketing.net and their post on Google’s ZMOT eBook. It cleanly highlights three different moments of truth in the customer experience for any brand. These moments occur at the time when a consumer has the most personal and intimate experiences with your product or service. In ZMOT, Google argues that as a result of the socialization of […]

How To Use Buffer to Manage Twitter for Business

Twitter for Business -- How To Use Buffer

A few times each year, I take a long hard look at the tools I use to manage my presence and do some Spring cleaning. Part of my role at The Karcher Group is presence building online and brand evangelism, and that means dedicating a decent amount of time each day to both creating my […]

Twitter Tips — 17 Ways to Shorten Your Tweets

Twitter Tips -- 13 Ways to Keep Your Tweets Brief

One of the things that drives me a bit nutty is reading tweets that end in “…” I’m betting you’ve seen this, too – the dreaded elipse that occurs by default when a user has completely blown past the constraint of the 140 character limit that has made Twitter so famous. To me, seeing the elipse represents a very […]