My Take on Ted and Brand


Ted Williams has a big smile on his face today.  So do you and I. It takes guts, a pressing sense of self-esteem and amazing creativity to bring attention to yourself once you’ve become invisible. Unless you’ve been in media deprivation, you probably know Ted’s story by now.  You know his story because it’s gone viral […]

Using Twitter to Stay Top of Mind


I met Cheri on Twitter because she tweets from @ArveyColumbus.  She tweets a lot and is always up for a conversation. She popped up on my radar because she’s two-for-two at figuring out what songs match the lyrics I tweet out to #namethattune, on occasion.  It’s just something fun to break up the day, and Cheri […]

Thank You

Thanks to all of you for the kind birthday wishes. Yes, I’m thirty.  I probably don’t have to tell you, but it’s scary whenever that first digit changes.  My mom already got all sentimental on me last night. I spent this morning’s wake-up shower contemplating (and benchmarking) my life.  Surprisingly, it didn’t take very long.  Maybe that’s […]

Customer Service with a Smile


We’ve always been taught to deliver customer service with a smile.  It’s a good idea. Any parent knows that the very BEST smiles come from your children. Customer Service with a Smile I don’t really know if this is something that only Primrose School in Grove City does for parents or if it’s practiced across the brand, […]

Dear Columbus, I’m Voting YES on Issue 4


I’m on the side of believing that libraries are a good thing for Columbus.  Are you with me? That’s why tomorrow at the polls, I’m voting YES on Issue 4. Need more explanation?  Here’s Patrick Losinski of the Columbus Metropolitan Library with what Issue 4 dollars will do for the organization. [Patrick Losinski on Issue 4 - Columbus Metropolitan […]