3 Cool Kids You Should Stalk This Week #10

Welcome to 2012, my friends! I’ve been taking some time to look back through nateriggs.com to set the direction for this year. One of my original objectives in writing here was always to help raise awareness for Columbus as an up and coming internet tech city, full of cool kids who buy into the friendly midwest mindset. […]

How To Build and Sell a Solo-preneur Business

We can learn a lot from listening to Cory Montie. In this interview, he shares some secrets that helped him to do something that most people will debate, is impossible. A few weeks ago, Cory sold his Solo-preneur business to another Columbus-based community business called Dating Directions. He’s now going to be taking a break from […]

Columbus Ohio Firm Webbed Marketing is Acquired by Fathom SEO

Today is a great day for one of the leading small agencies in Columbus, Ohio and congratulations are in order for Bill Balderaz, Amy Marshall and the rest of the Webbed Marketing Team on their recent acquisition by SEO powerhouse firm, Fathom SEO. Check out this news… Would you join me in sending some kudos to […]

Behind Cedar Point — Stories of an Iconic Midwestern Brand

We’re lucky to be friends with Eric Leslie. He has this ability to use fancy digital toys to tell stories, and some of the time, we get to be the cast of characters. Check out this video Eric did on our trip to Cedar Point last weekend. Maybe it will help get you in the mood […]

Why Mac OSX Lion is So Cool – And Why You Shouldn’t Install It Just Yet

Hi there. I’m pleased to give the floor to Mike Castaldi today because he’s going to share some important things that Mac users ought to consider before running to Apple.com and downloading the new Mac OSX Lion. Mike’s company Wildfrog Consulting helps small businesses build their systems and keep them running smoothly.  This post was in part, […]