#002: Identifying and Activating Brand Advocates with Rob Fuggetta and Chelsea Hickey of Zuberance

identify brand advocates

Would you rather have one blockbuster celebrity endorse your brand or the lady who chairs the parent-action committee at the neighborhood grade school? In recent years, restaurant marketing teams have become obsessed with the idea of reaching online influencers with promotions, announcements and other messages. I do believe that in the right time and place, each of […]

Content Marketing Examples and Heros Behind a Whiteboards

Social Media Keynote Speaker Nate Riggs

As a marketing professional, I find it incredibly inspiring when I see students doing incredible work. Especially when its incredible work for an incredible cause. This past weekend, I had the privilege of being asked to be the Friday night keynote speaker at the 35th Annual International Collegiate Conference. This event, held in the big easy of New Orleans pulls together […]

3 Case Studies on Using Big Data in Social Business

Big Data in Social Business

By now, you’ve probably heard the words “big data” used ad nauseam in discussions on social business. Big data refers to the ability to collect large sets of complex data that are normally difficult to filter. Once your company has this data, what should be done with it? As someone who is doing business on social media, you […]