Can We Trust Social Networks?

Using social networks releases feelings of love, but research has shown that individuals may be less trusting of others on these sites. Sounds silly, right? (The Dude is confused, too) But can we trust social networks and the updates we see published to them? The Role of Trust Although social networking is widely attributed to activities […]

How do mirror neurons affect our use of social media?

How do mirror neurons affect our use social media

Monkey see, monkey do. The history behind that idiom has an impact on actions we all take today. The scene was 1992 in Parma, Italy. Bespectacled scientists led by Dr. Giacomo Rizzolatti observed the brains of monkeys watching the actions of humans and other monkeys. The outcome was the discovery of mirror neurons, electrically excitable cells […]

Has Facebook Made Us All Narcissists?

facebook narcissism study

You are more than likely one of the 1.19 billion monthly active Facebook users. Perhaps you have seen how others –and possibly yourself– have become infatuated with posting updates and photos of every moment of their life on the site. Has Facebook affected our self-image? Are we narcissistic? A 2010 study at York University found that […]