What Role Can Blogging for Restaurants and Breweries Play?

blogging for restaurants

Did you know that there are over 3,000 breweries in the United States and that this figure is the highest it has been since prohibition? But what does this mean for the restaurant industry? Our guest on tap for this week hails from Columbus and is considered one of the foremost craft beer experts and […]

Use Listly for Your Content Marketing (7 Reasons Why You Should)

listly ceo

Do you already use Listly as a tool in your content marketing program? I don’t need to tell you that lists and list posts are popular all over the web. There’s already a ton of great insights out there on why people like lists and how they work inside our brains, and I’ll share some of […]

23 New Marketing Books to Keep Your Nose Pointed (Plus 1 More)


Photo by fmgbain  A few weeks ago Aleksey Kernes tweeted me to ask about what new marketing books I recommend as good reading. A good question deserves a good answer. Here’s a list of some new marketing book titles that I believe have the potential to keep your nose pointed down towards the table for long periods of time. Fair […]

An Open Letter to the PRSSA Students of Ohio University


Dear Students, Thanks for giving me the chance to speak with you and geek out a bit at the PRSSA Social Media Summit.  You are an amazing crowd, and each of you possess the talent to drive change in your careers. Never forget this – YOU are the communicators of tomorrow. That’s important. YOU are […]

When Does Reciprocity Kill the Gift Economy?

In his books and blog, author Seth Godin often discusses an idea he’s coined as the gift economy. Because of the vastness of the internet and the connectivity it creates, its now easier and less costly to simply give gifts of support, sharing, thought leadership than ever before. Seth argues that giving of yourself with no expectations […]