Common Denominator


As parents, making a blended family can be filled with challenges. For instance, learning to develop a relationship with the child that’s not biologically yours takes time, steady patience and a willingness to put up thick skin. It’s best when as a parent, you finally learn to let go and accept that the relationship with […]

A Story for Fathers Day – Ice Cold Milk and Doughnuts


I originally published this post over on Patrick Reyes few months ago. There’s lots of good posts over there about dad stuff. But, I thought the post was pretty appropriate for today and I wanted to have a copy of the memory on my own blog.  Happy Father’s Day… ______________________________________________________________ One of the things I’ve always remembered […]

Blended Show and Tell

Rather than talk to you about blended families and what it takes to make a divorce work out for the kids, I thought show and tell might make more sense. Out of all the pictures that I’ve taken lately, this one is my favorite. Show Tell This is us. We’re blended. Not shaken or stirred. […]

How a Dancing Peanut is Changing My Life

dancing peanut

Yeah, that title probably got your attention, huh? “Dancing peanuts?!?  What the heck is he talking about now?!?” Actually, this is something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about for close to two months now.  Because of certain things that needed to come first, I had to keep it from you.  Sorry.  I know […]

The Thing About “Ex”

It’s Sunday. On Sundays I’m making a conscious effort to back away from the social media strategy ideas and marketing stuff.  Sundays are more about family time, values, experiences and all the rest of the lessons and stories that make us human.  Those things are important too, right? This week I was reminded of a few situations […]