This Week in Restaurant Technologies #016: Big Data in Your Restaurant

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In this week’s show, Brandon and I open by discussing an interesting move by Applebee’s to assure their customers that their staff won’t steal their smartphones. Next, the Casual Dining segment is under fire. Find out why and how TGI Friday’s is involved in this discussion. 1. Caribou coffee turned to Pinterest for help on creating a […]

This Week in Restaurant Technologies: Social News and Online Ordering

Restaurant Technologies: Facebook Paper App

This week, Brandon and I are back with episode 004 of This Week in Restaurant Technologies. How do you get the news these days?  Do you read the morning paper? Email newsletters?  What about Twitter or other social media sites? This Week in Restaurant Technologies: Social News and Online Ordering In this week’s video, Brandon and […]

What is the Future of Big Data?

IBM 4 Vs of Big Data

Today, marketers and the businesses they serve are experiencing a new kind of problem. IBM, an industry thought leader on big data management and translation, has some intriguing findings. 90% of the data in the world has been created in the past two years alone. If you look closely at the graphic on the right, […]

This Week in Restaurant Technologies: Google Cards and Pickle Data [VIDEO]

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I love the way the internet works. About three months back, I happened run across Brandon Hull on one of the mainstay social networks I use. It’s blurry which one it actually was. An Internet marketing extraordinaire and founder of a little site called, Brandon and I hit it off right away.  Since then, […]

Market Research Sources: 5 Simple Tips for Validating Insights


You and I are living in an age where content is rising over the banks of the web like flood waters. And, I hope that you’re as excited about this as I am. For marketers like us, it’s an industry renaissance — one that has brought opportunities for story-telling, building our own branding networks and channels […]