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Do you love the restaurant business?

Then you should be listening the Social Restaurant Podcast.

Hosted by Nate Riggs, each 30-60 minute episode covers the hottest topics, trends and technologies that are impacting the restaurant industry. You’ll hear stories and advice from executives, operators and owners, some of today’s top chefs and other big thinkers that are leading change.

Each week, the show includes:

  • A one-on-one interview with an expert guest.
  • Commentary on recent industry news and events.
  • Helpful and actionable tips and ideas that you can try in your own concepts.

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How To Become a Guest or Sponsor

Social Restaurant Podcast is a weekly audio production of NR Media Group that attracts a large, niche-focused listener base of restaurant industry professionals.

The typical listener will either influence or make purchasing decisions related technology solutions such as Email Service Providers (ESP’s), mobile applications and other SaaS systems or content marketing and social media partners. 

Each week, the Social Restaurant Podcast features one-on-one interviews with restaurant industry leaders who are pushing the boundaries of marketing and technology to support their brands. Past guests have included leading thinkers like:

We’re looking for the best, brightest and most innovative leaders in the restaurant business who have compelling stories, case studies and opinions.

If you or your client would like to be considered as interview guest on the show, or if you have interest in learning more about how your company can become a supporting sponsor, just fill out the request form below.

  • Make sure to share some details about what you would like to discuss and why it's of value to restaurant industry pros. You have a 250 character limit.