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Nate is a passionate marketer who truly understands how digital and social media can impact how brands engage consumers, helping to build long-term relationships. – Dee Hadley, Chief Marketing Officer, Uno Chicago Grill

about nate riggs

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I’ve been helping businesses take their brands, products and services to market for over 12 years, racking up experience in advertising and digital agencies, corporate marketing departments and as an independent consultant.

I’m a blended family dad and husband, an amateur triathlete, an aspiring mandolin player, a veggie gardener and a proud pet parent.  I’m a first generation digital native, meaning that at age 32, I’m part of the small niche of folks who started their careers just as mobile, social and all of this technology was in its infancy. I spent a large part of my high school and college years knee-deep in forums and chat rooms, and I started blogging both personally and for organizations in 2006.

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Nate understands the digital space better than anyone I have met. He has a strong understanding of strategy and did a great job of creating digital plans and programs that met the strategic needs of the business. Nate also worked tirelessly to make sure programs were implemented on budget and within timelines. – Tom Marchese, VP Marketing, Papa Murphy’s Pizza

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With a modified version of his unique Synergy process, Nate assisted Questline in refining and evolving its overall service mix. He conducted a ton of research on an unfamiliar industry, facilitated a client workshop to uncover our customer’s needs and got the company started in refining and intelligently expanding our strategic service offerings. Nate is a top-notch facilitator and social business guru. His experience across a number of verticals and his deep content marketing and social marketing expertise are an asset to any organization looking to take their communications strategy to the next level. – John Keep, Vice President of Product and Marketing, Questline

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My Story

About Nate Riggs

Paul Brown Tiger Stadium

My story started in the blue-collar midwest town of Massillon Ohio, known across the U.S. as having one of the oldest, finest and most controversial high school football traditions in the country. This 2001 Sundance film called Go Tigers is a documentary made about my high school the year after I graduated.

In 1999, I moved south to Columbus, Ohio to attend Otterbein University, a private liberal arts school located in the quaint town of Westerville.  In 1920′s, the Anti-Saloon League relocated it’s headquarters from DC to here. They printed and mailed over 40 tons of prohibition leaflets making Westerville to become smallest U.S. town to have a its own first class post office. I started college on scholarship as a music major, but became fascinated by business, media and communications. I would end up  graduating a few years later with a degree in organizational communication and mass media. My college funding situation called me to trade internships for paying gigs.

I started my career in marketing in 2000 when I landed a job with Powershack Fitness Centers during my junior year. My role was to design, market and sell residential membership packages to local Columbus apartment complexes.

After graduation from Otterbein, I moved into my first agency-side role for amid-sized retail marketing agency that worked with major brands like Subway, Quiznos, Wendy’s, Neiman-Marcus, Speedway and even Humana Healthcare.

I spent the next two years being a sponge; researching, absorbing and shadowing our account folks, strategists and designers whenever I could. It was during these years that I fell in love with restaurant and retail marketing, in large part because of the contagious passion of the folks around me.

After a few years, I had an opportunity to move into the technology world and join a second-phase start-up called BestTransport. The company developed large-scale transportation management systems for brands like Alcoa Steel and Solo Cup. At Best, I had my first experiences in the software product development and marketing, and worked as a key member of the team for the launch BestMatch.com. This social marketplace was the first of its kind in the freight transportation, allowing shippers and carries to broker large logistics deals using our web platform.

My next career move was to join Young Isaac and understudy one of my most trusted and influential of my mentors. Out of all the jobs I’ve held in my career, working with my fellow Youngsters on brand strategy and design for clients that included hospital systems, financial institutions will always hold a special place in my heart.  I made the transition with the team when Young Isaac was acquired by People To My Site, a search marketing agency that had carved out a niche in helping franchised organizations market on the web.

about nate riggsIn 2009, I took a leap and went out on my own as an independent content and social marketing consultant.

Over the course of those years I consulted with mid-sized and large brands and even a few of Fortune 500 companies. In 2012, I sold Social Business Strategies, LLC to a Canton-Ohio based agency and spent the next year working as their Director of Social business.  During that year, I was also recruited to teach as adjunct marketing faculty at Ohio University’s College of Business where I currently teach one evening class each semester on content marketing and social business design strategies.

NR Media Group | Nate Riggs ConsultingToday, I work independently under NR Media Group, LLC as a contract consultant for technology companies, chain restaurants and even a few insurance providers.  I’m hired as a marketing speaker to deliver keynotes at conferences and private corporate events, and I train and coach executive teams on how to steward their brands and build customer advocates using social media.

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