What the Plus! Guy Kawasaki on Why Google+ is for Passion


If you’re a business-savvy internet user, you already know about Guy. The video below is about 16 minutes long – much longer than most of the interviews I typically record, but well worth your time and attention. After talking with him, I understand why there’s always a flurry of activity that surrounds Guy Kawasaki. He is enchanting. Guy’s new […]

Is Klout Really Influence? Mark Schaeffer on Return On Influence

Mark Schaeffer @markwschaeffer

I remember the quick backlash in the comments when I wrote a post a year ago on how to improve your Klout score. Any time you bring up the discussion of sites like Klout, Peer Index, Kred and other services that are working to measure and score online influence, a stark debate is soon to […]

Balancing Business, Travel, and My Kids – What I’m Learning from Other Professional Speakers

Sally Hogshead -- Fascinate Tour

I’m lucky. I have a job that often gets me out of my hometown and on airplanes that take me to interesting cities where I can spend time with very interesting people and share experiences that build relationships. Know what? I wouldn’t trade that opportunity if I had the chance. It’s amazing, and I love what I […]

We Choose People: A Strategic Approach for Designing a Facebook Page Cover Photo

Karcher Group Facebook Page Conversion Points

We’ve spent some time designing a Facebook page cover photo to adorn our page timeline at The Karcher Group. I’ll share a little bit about why we made the choices we did down below the image. Creative Approach to Our Facebook Page Cover Photo Design In general, Facebook is about people. We believe that wholeheartedly. From […]

Community Manager Interview: Jennifer MacDonald from Engage121

Jennifer MacDonald - Engage 121

As part of the work I’m doing to try to help you understand how Facebook’s Timeline update for pages will affect what you do with that tool, I’m on a mission to get the perspective of other community managers who live and breathe Facebook Pages daily. It’s interesting to compare to only a few years ago when […]