Saturday Morning Cartoons — Sex for Your Brain from the Week of April 16th — April 22nd

Saturday Morning Cartoons

  For most of us, Saturday mornings often involve cracking open the laptop or tablet and catching up on the reading we missed during the week due to email inbox’s, meetings and other business hustle. Saturday Morning Cartoons is a new weekly series I’ll be testing on If you like it or have other […]

Using Klout: How to Measure Social Media Influence

Improve my Klout Score

This is definitely the post you are looking for… I think reading Mark’s book a few weeks back rekindled my fascination with Klout as an online influence measurement tool. K Scores, Achievements and Reach all have value in terms of benchmarking your influence against the global playing field, but consider the old marketing idea that as marketers, we should  brand […]

4 Screenshots of How the Web is Evolving


In reality, the major thing that has changed on the web since January of this year is simple – it’s the layout that’s evolving. What was once a text-based content frenzy, ripe for the gaming search engines and natural language-based analytics is now moving towards sexy pictures the eat up your entire screen (and spread […]

Searching for Customers: A 5-Step Approach Using Social Media

ChatterJet -- Matthew Russo

Today, I welcome my friend Matthew Russo as a guest on Matt is the co-founder of ChatterJet, a new online service that provides small and medium-sized business owners with customized daily content ideas, articles, and conversation starters that help get  fans and followers chatting with the brand online. ChatterJet launched today in Columbus, Ohio! A teaching assistant once […]

What the Plus! Guy Kawasaki on Why Google+ is for Passion


If you’re a business-savvy internet user, you already know about Guy. The video below is about 16 minutes long – much longer than most of the interviews I typically record, but well worth your time and attention. After talking with him, I understand why there’s always a flurry of activity that surrounds Guy Kawasaki. He is enchanting. Guy’s new […]