Hate Expense Reporting? Use Expensify.com as an Expense Reporting Tool

Photo on 8-8-12 at 11.02 AM

Let’s just say that expense reporting has never been one of my favorite business tasks. For Karcher Group, I tend to log a ton of miles and rack up all the typical business expenses that come with travel, business development and software costs. And for that, I knew I needed a better expense reporting tool outside of the […]

Start-Up & Developer Jobs in Columbus Ohio? Find them on TechLife HotJobs

Ben Blanquera - TechLife Columbus HotJobs

Are you an application developer or software engineer looking to find a job in a Columbus, Ohio start-up? If that’s you, then I’m willing to bet my friend Ben Blanquera (@blanquera) can help you on the search for your next position. About Ben Blanquera and TechLife Columbus Folks who run in the start-up communities in Columbu,s […]

Remembering Stephen R. Covey and His 7 Habits

Stephen R. Covey - 7 Habits

In what is a tragic battle lost, Dr. Stephen R. Covey joins the a list of amazing and talented people who have passed during the course of 2012. Stephen Covey Dies Acclaimed author and consultant Stephen R. Covey passed away as a result of injuries he sustained during a cycling accident while riding down a hill […]

Workaholics: Research & Tools for Establishing Work-Life Balance


Today’s guest post comes from Anita Brady, chief executive of 123print.com. I think this post has some excellent tools you can use to establish work-life balance. If you’re looking to make your own business cards, give her company a look. It might be possible to take loving your work a little too far (Photo by Aek1982) Do you […]

Happy Fathers Day — Call Your Dad

Happy Fathers Day

Don’t forget. Call your dad. Now. If it’s appropriate at this time of the morning. If you need some help coming up with reasons to say ‘thanks Dad!’, Dr. David Sprayberry shares about 7-8 good ideas in this post. Check it out. If you’re looking for a last minute gift idea, DaDa Rocks can help there. […]