Content Igloo Magazine – Content Marketing from Down Under

Content Igloo Magazine

I’m really excited about what Wes Ward is doing in Melbourne Australia!  Especially after coming off the back of the second Content Marketing World conference in Columbus. While still a cradle industry, marketers everywhere seem to be interested in learning how to hone their skills as content marketers. That’s where good industry publications like CCO Magazine, and […]

Is Your Content Marketing Team Going Google?

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I’ve been preaching it since early July of last year. The nay sayers who still believe that Google+ was created to go head to head with Facebook have missed the reality of Google’s plan for market domination. If you haven’t already noticed, Google is making a HUGE play for ownership of the web-based collaboration market. Companies […]

Columbus Library is Hosting Chats on Facebook to Increase Circulation


I think you’ll enjoy this guest post from my friend Julie Theado. It’s an interesting social media case study on how Columbus Libraries use chats on Facebook to increase circulation. Enjoy, and have a happy Labor Day weekend! You’ve heard of hosting Twitter chats before, right? But what about hosting chats on Facebook as a way to engage customers? […]

Content Marketing World is in Columbus Ohio – What You May be Missing

Content Marketing World | Columbus Ohio

Marketing conferences seem to pick up again during the fall months, and this year our marketing circles in Columbus, Ohio have been given a very special privilege. What to know what that is? Content Marketing World is in Columbus, Ohio (and attending will make you smarter) You want to be a smarter marketer, right? Joe Pullizzi and his […]

Master LinkedIn Today — Learn to Save Time with 3 Stellar Features

LinkedIn Today

This is a post I originally ran over at OpenView Labs. Enjoy your Monday! There’s a few things you come to accept after some time working in small agencies and small businesses: You wear a lot of hats so your idle time becomes scarce. Building, maintaining and leveraging your professional connections is absolutely critical for survival. Early on, learning to beg […]