#046: Erle Dardick & Mike Tyler on the Documentary Back to Basics

back to basics

With just under one million restaurants in the United States, 10% of our work force is employed by the restaurant industry. Until now, no one has positively documented this massive industry we all interact with every day. In episode #046 of the Social Restaurant Podcast, I welcome Erle Dardick and Mike Tyler, the creators of […]

The Trifecta of What Makes Customers Loyal to a Brand

bexley ohio house

My family and I finally settled down this past month. Near the end of April, we closed on a beautiful little house, nestled in the quiet neighborhoods of Bexley, Ohio. It’s a great town, filled with families, kids, great schools and plenty of community activities. We’re happy. One of the other things I dig about […]

The Latest Google Algorithm Updates: Panda and Payday Loan

Panda should be harmless to white hat SEO's.

What do pandas and payday loans have in common? They are the names of two Google algorithms which were confirmed as updated within the past week or so. Although the internet is abuzz with the percentage of English search queries and specific sites affected, it may be hard to decipher why these algorithm updates matter. […]

Hearables, The Next Big Thing?

The Dash by Bragi

“You mean wearables, right?“¬†Wrong. Hearables, according to recent sources, are the next big thing. Nick Hunn of wearable-technologies.com says we’re talkin’ $5 billion by 2018 big. If you’re still trying to figure out how the h-e-double hockey sticks to advertise on the tiny screen of a smartwatch, here’s why you should switch Gears (pun intended). […]

Wait, You Can Search by Emoji on Yelp?

ice cream cone emoji

Are you ever so hungry for a nice cold ice cream cone that you only have the energy left to type a single character? Yelp’s got you covered, whether its pizza, ice cream, or ramen you’re craving. In this post, we’ll take a look at Yelp’s new search-by-emoji feature. Read on for a crash course […]