Your Brain and Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling Brain

It goes without saying that social media influences our lives: it affects our self-image and simulates feelings of love. It helps people find a voice, gives a new avenue for self-expression, and can empower people. What is social media but a form of digital storytelling? Digital storytelling is “a way of talking about something that […]

My Father’s Day Story for 2013

Fathers Day Narrative 2013

Each Father’s Day, I find myself remembering the times when my brother and I, my dad and my grandfather would get dressed up and attend the annual Epworth United Methodist Church Father and Sons banquet. I want to share that story with you today. I need to finally come to terms with this, and while it […]

Enjoy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you. I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends.  Enjoy the conversations, the stories and the time with your loved ones.  Enjoy the feast you will eat, the parade and the football games.  Enjoy your day off to relax.  Some of my friends reminded me yesterday that even […]

Remember to Pay It Forward


Last week, at the AMA Marketing Research Conference in Atlanta, I had the chance to lead a Social Business Team of about 22 people to extend the event experience onto the Internet through content engineering and conversational marketing. On a break, I decided to get the last section of exhibitors on camera for 30-second elevator pitches. […]

Remembering Maka

Sometimes you write a blog for personal reasons.  I shot this video last week on a drive back from Lakeview, Ohio.  I shot it because I wasn’t sure how to process what was going on – and because I remembered something important. P.S. Don’t make a habit of shooting video while driving.  Definitely not my […]