I’m Looking for a Hustler to be My Personal Intern at huber+co. & TweetMyTime

I need some help and I have a lot to teach any student or marketer who is willing to hustle. Right now, huber+co. interactive is in Renaissance.  TweetMyTime has legs.  It’s been validated by every race organizer and endurance racing professional we’ve talked to.  It’s been published across the web on blogs, on racing websites, […]

Consequences of the Social Web

If you watched President Obama’s address to Congress last night, or have been following the news today, you probably know that Republican lawmaker Joe Wilson screwed up.  Badly.  Fueled by a disagreement with a statement Obama made on Health Care Reform and illegal immigrants, Wilson shouted, “You lie!” directly at the President.  His statement was […]

Who Owns Your Tools?

Here’s an interesting debate.  If you use social networks to make professional connections while on company time, does your company then have the ability to control the content you create on your profiles? On two separate occasions over the past month, I’ve been approached with this question from concerned professionals working in business development and […]

Brand Huddle

“There’s no I in team.”  This famous quote hangs in just about every sports team’s locker room you might step into. I was reminded of this yesterday after I finished up a talk with Ohio Web Leaders in Columbus.  (If you attended, thank you so much!)  Here’s a link to the deck, if you would […]

Brand Ownership

I’m happy to be speaking tomorrow morning. A group of smart business people involved with Ohio Web Leaders will wake up early to allow me to share some ideas on how they can start Building Brand YOU.  (BIG thank-yous to Tom Augustine & Amy Marshall for the invitation.)  We’ll be talking about everything from what’s […]