Getting Back in the Game


And I’m back. Thanks to all of you who tweeted, commented and left personal messages over the past three days, in support of my family and me, as we said goodbye to Maka.  The service was truly beautiful.  The music was outstanding and I know Maka would have been in tears at the sound of […]

8 Steps to Building a Killer Conference Experience (And How BlogPaws Nailed It)


The BlogPaws conference in Columbus, Ohio last weekend was one of the better social media events I’ve been to in the past year. To come up with what I write here, I often reflect on my own experiences as a social media user, event attendee, business owner, and even a consumer.  Yesterday, I started dissecting […]

Updates on Social Business Strategies &

I’m pressed for time and playing catch up. Here’s a short explanation as to why and what you can expect from me in the next few days. Okay?

HOW TO Ideas on Using Social Media for Trade Show Exhibiting

The Skyline Exhibitor Exchange was jam-packed with ideas on how social media tools can integrate into a trade show exhibition strategy.  The goal is to extend the live event experience to the online space. My co-presenters, Will Burrus, Tiffany Odutoye and Eric Leslie, all brought some serious material to share.  It was literally a “drink from […]

What I’m Doing in 2010 – Being Out There

I was really happy with how 2009 came together for me, in terms of speaking and events.  This has always been something I have been passionate about, and I humbly credit Michael Bowers with giving me my first big opportunity at last year’s Ohio Growth Summit.  Last year’s conference was out of this world, with […]