This Week in Columbus: Panel Discussions, Gen Y & Social Media


This is a cool week for us Gen Y kids in Columbus.  Starting on Wednesday, I’ll have the chance to to sit with other sharp members of my generation on three different panels at Columbus business events. That last sentence puts a BIG, smily emoticon on my face. I’m smiling because I’m proud of us Gen Y kids.  More often […]

A Simple Tactic to Increase Email Subscribers to Your Blog


Ready? And the tactic is… ask.  Profound, isn’t it? Here’s what I mean: For reference, here’s a link to DJ’s Online Marketer Blog (apparently, he’s no longer a fan of Brian Solis).  DJ used to write more frequently and the blog, at one point, had a cleaner design.  Hmmm.  What’s up, DJ? All joking aside, I […]

Getting Out to Where You Are


It’s about time for an update on where I’ll be speaking over the next few months, in case you’ll be there too. I talk to a lot of you on Twitter, LinkedIn and in the comments here, and I’m glad to have those opportunities.  But I want to meet you in-person, face-to-face.  In-person is where […]

Ohio Growth Summit – Meet Your BIG Personal Brand Panelists


For the past few months, I’ve had the privilege of partnering with Mike Bowers and Tonya Wilson, of the SBDC, on building out content for some of the event sessions Ohio-based small business entrepreneurs will partake in at this years Ohio Growth Summit. The event takes place June 9th in Columbus, Ohio at the Columbus […]

Blogging for B2B – FREE Webinar Sponsored by ConferencePlus


A few months ago, Jessica Simpson (no, not that Jessica Simpson) approached me to do a sponsored web conference for her company, ConferencePlus.  I liked her vision.  She was focused on developing a series of content that would help her customers with some tactics that were outside of the core products and services that her […]