Balancing Business, Travel, and My Kids – What I’m Learning from Other Professional Speakers

Sally Hogshead -- Fascinate Tour

I’m lucky. I have a job that often gets me out of my hometown and on airplanes that take me to interesting cities where I can spend time with very interesting people and share experiences that build relationships. Know what? I wouldn’t trade that opportunity if I had the chance. It’s amazing, and I love what I […]

Go Forth and Be Average

Today marks a big deal for lots of young minds in the US. Congratulations to you, all you graduates who have struggled through the last few years to earn the sheepskin that will help carry you forward into life. Go forth, and remember to be average. Trust me. It’s worth it. Watch this commence speech […]

Joe Pulizzi on Creating Categories and Buzz Words

It is finished. Thanks to all of you who were involved in the Ohio Growth Summit for the past two days. I think attendees and speakers alike were able to take away some usable nuggets of information and maybe even make a few new friends during the stay in Columbus. My sincere thanks goes out to all […]

5 Critical Foundations of The Social Business

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“Everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not act on them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand.” — Matthew 7:26 I’ve never started a blog post with a biblical quote, but it seems appropriate for this one. Don’t worry if Christian stuff isn’t four you. That’s not what […]

The Resume is Dead

The resume is dead. That statement came from my friend Elijah on our trip back from Austin when I asked him what direction Brand YOU should be heading in 2011. He didn’t hesitate for one moment with his answer. The resume is dead. New Orleans, however, is very much alive.  And that’s good to see. […]