What Happens on Social Media During a Crisis?

We’ve grown to (mis)trust what we read on our social networks, which is both extremely beneficial and harmful. Social media allows us to connect and share in previously unimaginable ways, but it can also foster misinformation. It’s become like Shattered Glass, where fact-checking seems to not matter. We do sometimes second-guess the validity of what […]

Why Do We Act Differently Online?


Have you ever re-read a tweet or post from you or a friend and thought, “Well, that doesn’t sound like me/them at all…”? In The Need for Professionalism on Social Media, we read that many people do and say things online that they wouldn’t say in public. What causes this dichotomy, and why do we act […]

The Need for Professionalism on Social Media


  Social media has changed many interactions between professionals and the public, and its rise has brought several new hazards for professionalism. Nothing is really private anymore. Whether we like it or not, there are expectations in place for how we represent our personal lives in the public forum of social media. In many cases, we simply fail […]

How to Write the Perfect Apology Tweet


In this day and age, most business owners know the basics for how to apologize on Twitter, but now it’s time to learn how to write the perfect apology in 140 characters. When you’re apologizing on Twitter, you want to genuinely speak to the original complainant, but you also want other followers to see that […]