What’s Up With All This Bragging On Social Media?


There is an apocalyptic wave of information washing over you every second you’re online. Some of it we skim over, some of it comes in the form of humblebrags, whinebrags, sorrybrags, photobrags and cats. Lots of cats. So, why does it appear that instances of bragging on social media are increasing? Let’s take a look […]

Farewell, Morgan! Goodbye Blog Post

Morgan Meade Cleveland Ohio

There comes a time in life when you have to say goodbye to nearly everything. Today, we bid farewell to Morgan Meade, a talented writer who we had the pleasure of hearing from once a week for the past few months. Morgan reflects back on her time at NR Media and looks forward to her […]

What is Socialnomics’ “World of Mouth”?


The way we live and how we interact have been transformed by social media. You will find many astounding facts about how the world is changing in the video to the right (hi, desktop users!) or above (welcome, mobile folks!) In his book, “Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business,” […]

Why is the TL;DR Phenomenon Happening?


After reading “Faking Cultural Literacy” in the New York Times, I began thinking, “why is this happening?” which then snowballed into academic database perusing, which leads to the following words you’ll read … if this isn’t too long. So, is the TL;DR phenomenon here to stay or will we go back to our long-form reading […]

This Week in Restaurant Technologies #010: NRA Show Recap

mobile technology in restaraurants

NRA Show Recap In this week’s show, I just returned from four days at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago, IL. I spent lots of time getting to know some of the new, hot technology companies in the NRA Show Tech Pavilion. 1. Privy, a customer tracking service, believe people want to be treated like […]