How Does Social Media Affect the Lonely?

Do Social Networking Sites Help or Hurt the Lonely? | NRM

What do you do when you’re bored? Watch TV? Eat? Pace to and fro? Twiddle your thumbs? All of the above? Think about it. When we’re bored, we go on social networking sites. Boredom and loneliness are not the same; however, the actions taken when these feelings manifest themselves are. What draws the lonely to […]

The Role of Government on Social Media

government on social media

By now, nearly everyone has seen this tweet from @CIA on their timeline. But what does this mean for the role of government onĀ social media, and how are government bodies utilizing social media? 1. Safety The Twitter Earthquake Dispatch allows people to be aware of an earthquake before it hits your area. One instance of […]

Facebook’s Emotional Contagion? About That

Facebook's Emotional Contagion

“Facebook Manipulated 689,003 Users’ Emotions For Science”, read the headline on Forbes. In a world where anything on the Internet can be manipulated, it’s no surprise that the practice has seeped into the terms and conditions of social networking sites. So, how did Facebook manipulate our information? What were they trying to do? Our Emotional […]

5 Steps to Being a Digital Leader

5 Steps to Being a Digital Leader

Digital footprints are what you post about yourself. Digital shadows are what others upload about you. Together, this is your digital stamp. How can you leave a better digital legacy? The answer: become a digital leader. Being a Digital Leader Eric Qualman is a digital thought leader and author of Socialnomics, which we’ve discussed in […]

Does Social Media Marketing Work for Everyone?

does social media marketing work

Out of 18, 525 U.S. adults inĀ  a Gallup poll, 11, 485 said social media has no influence on their purchasing habits whatsoever. That’s 62% of Americans stating that social media, a hot ticket in the marketing world, doesn’t affect buying behavior. How can this be true, when companies invested $5.1 billion dollars in social […]