5 Steps to Being a Digital Leader

5 Steps to Being a Digital Leader

Digital footprints are what you post about yourself. Digital shadows are what others upload about you. Together, this is your digital stamp. How can you leave a better digital legacy? The answer: become a digital leader. Being a Digital Leader Eric Qualman is a digital thought leader and author of Socialnomics, which we’ve discussed in […]

Does Social Media Marketing Work for Everyone?

does social media marketing work

Out of 18, 525 U.S. adults inĀ  a Gallup poll, 11, 485 said social media has no influence on their purchasing habits whatsoever. That’s 62% of Americans stating that social media, a hot ticket in the marketing world, doesn’t affect buying behavior. How can this be true, when companies invested $5.1 billion dollars in social […]

What Did Neymar Jr. Do With the Panasonic 4K Camera?

Panasonic 4K Neymar | NRM

Wearable technology has been a hot topic for many months, and Google Glass has dominated the conversations. The adoption of Glass or 4K technology has yet to take hold among consumers, but both are steadily growing. Now, using a World Cup superstar to pioneer its uses, Panasonic is tapping into the market. Let’s take a […]

Mastering Social Media for Customer Service: A Workshop

social media for customer service

Back in the earlier days of the Social Restaurant Podcast, Conversocial’s Joshua Marsh came on the show to talk about social media for customer service. Conversocial is a technology platform that helps brands manage customer service conversations on Twitter and Facebook. During Social Restaurant Podcast #019 we learned: How to use the web as an […]

The Innovation of Loneliness: “I share, therefore I am”

Innovation of Loneliness

“I share, therefore I am.” Watch the video, The Innovation of Loneliness, from Shimi Cohen, for an illuminating explanation of our growing social networks and their effect on our daily lives. Look around you. Families out for dinner sit together, texting or tweeting. “I share, therefore I am.” When we are in class, we go […]